Pierce Reporting Company

Professional Court Reporting Services Since 1987
Conference Rooms Available


We can cover all your stenographic reporting needs. We have worked in all courts, including Federal Grand Jury proceedings. Let us handle your medical and technical depositions. We service the entire state of Virginia.

Computer Aided Transcription

Transcripts prepared by skilled reporters with hi-tech computer programs

Expedited Transcript Delivery

Transcripts prepared within your specified timeframe

Real-time Reporting

Instantaneous transcript viewed by your computer

Instant Rough ASCII

We can provide instant access to the day’s testimony.

Keyword Indexing

A concordance showing page and line number words are to be found in the transcript

Compressed Transcripts

Four or more transcript pages condensed into one page

Transcripts by E-mail, including E-transcript

Ability to get the transcript in your hands faster

Video Services

Professional video services for your proceeding

Video Conferencing Services

Our firm can handle your videoconferencing needs

Conference Rooms

Two conference rooms available


Immediate access to view, copy/paste, search and print the transcript
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