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Pierce Reporting Company is known for staying on the cutting edge of technology. In keeping in step with that philosophy, we like to keep attorneys such as yourself familiar with products that are available to aid you in your litigation process. We are able to send by e-mail a file which allows you to view this transcript on your computer, have access to word indexing, search and find capabilities, as well as print the transcript in regular or compressed format. This can save many hours of research time for yourself and your paralegals and quicken our delivery time.

E-transcript is the latest technology which we are delivering right to your e-mail address. When you check your e-mail, you will find a file or files with a name and the suffix “.exe”. Once you download each file, you simply double click on the file name and you instantly view the transcript on your computer. No special programs are required for you to access this file. The easy to follow instructions are attached.

If you follow the attached instructions and are unable to access this file, I would be happy to assist you. I am just a phone call away.

Once you have utilized E-transcript and what it can do for you, I am sure you will want it to become part of your standard transcript order. You can let the reporter know at the time you order the deposition, you would like to receive E-transcript.



1. Download the file in your e-mail program (Compuserve, MSN, AOL, etc.) While downloading write down the information on the screen indicating file name, which drive it is saving to, and which subdirectory it is saving to. Out of those three items, the most important is the file name.

2. Once the file has been downloaded, place your mouse arrow on START on your Windows toolbar (usually on bottom left of your screen) and execute one left click on your mouse keys, which will bring up a menu. Place your mouse arrow on FIND, which will bring up another menu automatically. Place your mouse arrow on FILES OR FOLDERS and execute one left click with your mouse keys. This brings up a FIND: ALL FILES box. The NAME AND LOCATION file should be opened. If not, left click on that file where it is open.

3. In the Name and Location file, you will left click once in the NAMED field and type the name of the file. The file name will usually be the witness’ name plus an .exe extension. If your witness’ name is Smith, your file name will probably be Smith.exe or might even contain first name and initial, or could be the date the deposition was taken, but will always have the .exe extension and that must be put in this box. After you have put the file name in there, left click once the down arrow at the end of the LOOK IN box. This brings up choices of drives to look in. You would normally pick C for drive C, unless you downloaded to a floppy drive or external drive. If you aren’t sure, pick C by putting your arrow on the C: and left click once.

4. Once you have the file name and picked a drive, you are ready to put your arrow on FIND NOW and left click once. It will scan your computer and should come up with one file found and list the file below. You can double left click on that file below and it will bring up a box that says basically it passed security check, in which you will left click once on OKAY. You should now have a larger box come up immediately with the transcript appearing.

Congratulations!! You did it!!!

5. Within E-Transcript you may do search and finds, have an index show on the right side if you would like, it can print the transcript. To have the index show, right click once on VIEW and choose TRANSCRIPT AND WORD INDEX. This will show you the transcript and a concordance of every word in the transcript, where it can be found.

6. The FIND button can be clicked and you can do a search for specific words. You may also look for that word in the alphabetized index provided. 7. When you are through looking at the file, you would left click on FILE within the E-transcript box and left click once on EXIT within that drop-down menu. Congratulations!! You did a wonderful job. This will be great for traveling and for paralegal research. It can save many hours for each member of your staff.

Please call Pierce Reporting Company if you have any questions, 540-344-5393. This should become an easy process for you and be a valuable tool for your firm.

Dawn Pierce, CSR, RPR, CRR